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Patron's of the Assembly Theatre Volunteer Gian DiCostanzo is Keeping Theatre Lit...

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Find the scents and descriptions at

Gian DiCostanzo established StageLight Candle Co. in 2021; after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down theaters across the nation, and he was no longer able to perform as a professional actor. In the darkness created by this indefinite intermission of sorts, Gian decided to combine his passion for theatre with his love of candles. Thus, StageLight Candle Co. was born. Find the scents and descriptions at

StageLight aims to capture singular moments in theatre, illuminating memories of the stage and transporting you to the front row of your favorite show. Made with all natural soy wax and clean scents, each candle is uniquely hand-poured by Gian. To give back to the community, a portion of proceeds will benefit The Actors Fund.

Gian's Process:

To create the scents, I go through the scripts and the scores of each show to pick out a moment that could become a scent -- whether it's a lyric, a song name, a line from the show, a set piece, a lighting cue... I then research what fragrance oils could help me produce that scent. Once the oils have been selected, I test different ratios until I get a scent profile that is perfect!

Say Hello to Gian at his booth at the Burrillville Arts & Craft Festival! StageLight Candle Co. is located by the Gazebo across from the church at Levy.

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