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Rent the Assembly Theatre

Please fill out the following forms and click submit.

Rent the Assembly Theatre

Patrons of the Assembly Rental Agreement

Any individual(s), group or organization wishing to rent the Assembly Theatre must submit the following at the time of booking:
THEATER RENTAL POLICY Rental Fees/Reservations:

Choose all that apply:

Rental price is represented by a 5 hour period including setup and cleanup

  • $400 per performance

  • $100 Rehearsal

Maximum Occupancy: The Assembly Theatre seats 320 people

Please select the type of event for rental:

Please see the Board of Administration form for restrictions.

Please carefully read and select the following

The POA provides concessions and beer/wine at all events. NO OUTSIDE food or beverages
are allowed in the theater.

A House Manager will be provided each performance/show that you choose. A member of the
POA organization will be there to open and close at rehearsals.

The POA is responsible for all tech use inside the theater and outside equipment will only by
allowed upon negotiated agreement. A tech person can be available to help with sound and lights if you need it. Please indicate so below.

Please select everything that will be needed for your event
Please select what spaces that will need to be used

This agreement between the POA and your organization states that the Rentee has agreed to ALL of the terms and conditions set forth by the POA and the BOA. All Parties agree to provide access to all materials and locations agreed upon above. The POA and BOA are not responsible for any additional materials or facilities. The Rentee agrees all items will be returned in the same condition or improved from when they received them. Clicking agree, typing your name and hitting continue constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions on this page of the form.

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